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Author Topic: 50 Shades Gets a Kubota  (Read 36 times)
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« on: December 11, 2017, 03:32:13 PM »

It's about time I started a build thread on here. After flip-flopping back and forth between a bunch of different swap ideas I finally found what I was looking for.  I have a bunch of other information on 4btswaps and dieselbombers (same user name as here), which has a bunch of technical info on the swap so far.  I've spent a lot of time gathering parts to make this conversion as seamless as possible and retain as many OE parts as possible.

To start off, my Jeep is a 93 Wrangler YJ with the required 4 banger. I've owned it for three years already and it's mostly stock minus a rear bumper and a set of 31" Cooper's.
The engine is a 2001 Kubota V2203DI out of a Carrier Ultra Phoenix refrigerated trailer.  The engine had 62 hours on it, which for diesels is practically brand new.  I've had people tell me these engines, if well maintained, can go to almost 30,000 hours between rebuilds.  Not sure how true that is, but it's definitely overbuilt for what it is.  My plans are to make 100hp and 300ftlbs with a turbo.  Speaking of which, the turbo I'm using is an IHI RHF5 off of a Euro Ford Ranger diesel. I will be using a Kubota L4200 dual sump oil pan to make the engine fit nicely between the frame rails and be able to handle some off camber situations.

As for the transmission, I'm going to be running a Ford NP435 coupled to a Bronco Dana 20 transfer case.  The flywheel housing on the engine will be drilled for a Jeep 4.0 pattern and I will bolt the whole shebang together with a CJ7 258 bell housing.  I will then make an adapter to turn the Kubota flywheel into a Jeep crankshaft and make up the required distance to space a Jeep flywheel out from the face of the flywheel housing.  It sounds complicated and doesn't make a whole lot of sense in words, but trust me on this, it's easier than it sounds.  For an overdrive I plan on using a Ranger Torque Splitter from Advance Adapters.

I'm going to use the original Jeep frame mounts and rubbers and just make new block mounts.  The Kubota is drilled along the length of the block for motor mounts, so positioning the engine is quite easy. I also plan on adapting all of the OE sensors to the engine and running everything through the computer to retain the original gauge functions and what not.  Unless the sensors run straight to the gauges and bypass the computer, still not sure on the whole wiring issue.

This will be a slow build that I will try to document as best as I can for anyone that is interested.  Dieselbombers has been a huge help as there's a bunch of guys on there that have put these engines in Ranger's, S10's, two Cherokee's, and even a TJ.

Here's a video of the engine finally starting after battling a wiring issue going to the starter (I seem to have luck with power wires  stick).


93 Jeep YJ- 50 Shades of Black.
Stock 2.5....for now
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