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Learning to Weld


Looking to finally get a welder.  I'm thinking about a Millermatic 211.  I've got 240v here and from all I've learned, a 240 MIG will do basically everything that I would want, or need to do.  Hopefully, I can get a decent price for one in the coming months.  There's a pretty decent discount right now but I think I'm going to miss it.

What I question on is all the other gear though.  What do you recommend for everything else?  I'm probably going to splurge and get an auto-dimming helmet.  Not sure which one though.  Gloves, wire, cylinder size, etc...

Been able to practice welding for a few hours every week for the past 3 weeks.  Using a Millermatic DVI2.  Not really sure of the specifics of the machine but it does weld.  The sire speed and voltage are kinda weird though.  Voltage is labeled 1-6 so there are no fine adjustments.  Wire speeds are 1-100.  Kinda wish they would use the more standard Volts and WFS.

First welds in almost 30 years.  Looks like crap but also not that bad for the first time.

The second time.  Basically, I get a few hours a week.  I think I was having gas flowrate issues.

Third week.  Still playing around with settings.  The welder is a Miller DVI2.  The controls are kinda weird in that there isn't an actual voltage.  I've got 6 positions to choose from.  Wire speed is 10-100.  May have still had some gas flow issues.

Week 4.  Had a guy help me set up the welder.  Was pushing the machine harder than it needed.  A bunch of HS kids also use the machine and change all of the settings all the time.  I've always gotta clean up after them before I can do any welding.  Lowered the wire speed and voltage and it welded a lot better.  Kind of counterintuitive.  Hoping to get decent before getting my own welder.  I'm looking at the Millermatic 215.  They have a stick welder and a TIG so once I get better at MIG I'll probably switch over to one of the others.

Pretty much have been welding once a week since then.  Here's my very first project.  This was maybe the second week in.  Looks like crap but it's holding.  I'll probably redo it when I do more work on it soon.

This was in early February.

Then late last month, I figured I needed to fix my shock issue.  Up to this point I had been welding on a bench.  It was completely different having to shove my head into the wheelwell.

There's some poracity here but it's only that scraggly line.  I ground it out.

The welding part is easy compared to having to match the two sides.


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