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Ok, we have surpassed our 100th member.  The forum gets people from all over the world but only a few are actually joining up.

So lets see some introductions from the new guy's on the forum.

Awright, I'll step up.  I'm a newby just bought a 97 TJ to play around in the Arizona desert.  In my younger days, I had a Renegade with a 304, one of my biggest regrets was getting rid of the "beast" (as it was kindly referred to those left in the dust or at the bottom of the hill).  

The TJ started out as a weekend toy, now I find myself wanting to add some hardware to make it make it more desert friendly.  Already raised it 2" to get more clearance.  But now it seems I have the fever and am looking at some armor for the sides and bottom, adding a winch and changing out the front and rear bumper/tire swinger and maybe changing out the gear ratio to 4:11s for some creep to crawl over some of the dry river beds.  Have some regrets that I didn't buy a 4.0, but the 2.5 seems to be okay for the weekend romps.

Hit 41 this year. Got the wife thing going on 15 years, 2 kids, and just got our first dog, Roscoe, mix Chow, Shepard and Lab.
Been wheeling sign 1989 when I grad from college and had actual money in hands. Started off with a Nissan truck, then moved to XJ. Mod'd and wheeled that for 9 yrs. Then to a Bronco, which is in it's 3rd transformation. Got a 97 SE TJ to wheel rather than the XL7. Put a few scrapes in the XL7 till I got the TJ. Did a make-shift of lift components: Rubi Unlmt springs, ACOS/poly, RE track, Currie steering, my old Ramsey Pro9000 winch. Still need to flat belly, motor mount change, fix a trans leak, SYE, lower gears/locker and at least be ready to go play with little worry. I'm getting 34x9.5 Swampers to fit the stock 15x6 ralley looking rims. Getting those sandblasted/painted to get the rust off.
Now getting myself into a MBA program for the next 22 months.

Hello to all 4banger addicts to all the world. I am Greek and the YJ is my first Jeep. I have it for four years and have made some mods making it more trail worthy. I run it for about 2000 miles a month mostly on the road. I had never had any real problems with it and it has never left me with no car even for a day. Only problem is that here in Greece parts are very expencive and relatevilelly rare. Not to mention the gas price. You are really lucky in US! I will be watching the forum closelly as it is the only about 4bangers I found and  I know you all will give me good answers to any question I may have about my Jeep.

I'm Michelle and I live in the Northern Illinois area. My first "real" 4 wheel drive was an '84 Bronco II with a stick.

I own three vehicles - a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac 4x4, a 95 Pontiac Trans Sport mini van, and my '95 YJ. (I have one vehicle from each American auto manufacturer.. kinda funny.)

My YJ I just bought a couple of weeks ago. It's a 95 and is pretty much bone stock. I swapped out the original radiator with a 3 core, took the factory soft top off (it was very worn) and put a bikini top on it. I also have a new Bestop Supertop for it, but I thought I'd wait til the temperature drops before I put it on. I'd like to lift it a couple of inches.

Never had a Jeep before. Always wanted one. Now I have one.


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