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With 240,000 miles on my 95 yj, I am consistantly around the 15 to 16 mpg mark, 50/50 hwy and city.  When I bought it at 80,000 miles 13 years ago, I put the 4.0 thtl body and spacer on it, I also added a K&N to the stock air box, with the front venturi removed. I had a Borla header, then stock manifold, now pacesetter header, open cat and free flow exhaust.  I'm now running 30x9.5 BFG's no lift, but have not noticed much difference over the 215 or 225's that were on it when I bought it.

I always do my calculations based on fill up gallons and miles on the odometer.  I do get some fluctuations as the winter and summer gasses change over and depending on top on or off.

These numbers are also very close to those I used to get on my sadly missed CJ-5 with the 258 inline 6, very slightly lifted with 31 x 10.5's and a light bar.

My 2.5 is apart and headed to the machine shop preparing for a rebuild.  Any thoughts on internal changes to improve MPG will be appreciated, until it is buttoned up and back in.  :roflol:  If I go back to stock, I will be curious to see how much a fresh build helps the power and MPG, but I would be happier to make some proven changes.

Well, I've decided to do an update.  After doing a basic tune-up on my jeep, ignition, injectors, plugs, oil change, rotated and checked tires, etc...  (I also lowered it 1.25".  Oh and took the panel off the airbox.  This made a difference by moving the torque to the 2K-3K range.)  I was able to take it on the road for an extended drive.  About 160 miles each trip.  On the first trip, yes I did the same trip twice, I got around 22-23mpg.  The second trip I drove a bit more aggressive and got 20 mpg.  I have driven this route once before many months ago and got 16 mpg.  I'll have to wait for next year to do a 600 mile road trip.

13mpg is what I'm averaging... Less if trying to do highway speeds into a headwind!   

1995 Wrangler YJ
31x10.50x15" Mud Terrains
Speedometer Calibration - No

If you haven't recalibrated your speedometer then you're probably getting a bit better then that.  Although stock gears and 31's are a big jump from the stock 205's.

95 Lowbuck:
1995 Jeep YJ Rio Grand, soft top, 174k miles
Completely stock motor, 5 speed, D44 rear, 4.88 gears.
TJ front axles. (front turning all the time)
33-10.50 BFG KO2s.(25-30 psi)
No speedo calibration, but pretty close.
4 lift.
I get about 15 city, 17 hwy if not in the mountains.
One thing I want to comment about is the new KO2S.
Although still a 2 ply side wall, I really like them compared
to the KM2s I had on it.
Quieter, better riding, better mpg, and superior in any snow condition.
Time will tell how well they work in the rocks,
but aired down with the extra siping, and aggressive side wall tread,
I think they will do well.


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