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ax5, 4.10 gears, 31's.. speedo not regeared, 2.5l tbi.. no engine mods and leaks oil

This is for my 1995 2.5L with 115000 miles. I get about 20mpg, unless i go on the highway... but i dont ever do that, all city driving.

* Transmision Type; AX-5
* Engine Type; AMC 2.5L MPFI
* Tire Size; 31x10.5r15 BFG a/t
* Differential Gearing; 4.10
* Speedometer Calibration; yes
* List of ENGINE Mods; DIY intake with AEM filter, TBS, 4.0 TB, pacesetter header...

12ish mpg 2.5 of course 3 spd auto 3.73's soon to be 4.11's full performance exhaust (header to tail pipe) 4.0 throttle body, and cool air intake.  31's and speedo not yet recalibrated

98' 5 spd 2.5L 4.10 gears 30" no speedo calibration.  Have gps though around 17mpg, mostly around town. 


2.5 auto, 3.73, 31's, orig speedo gear, 4.0TB and spacer


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