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New Jeep 2021 Moab EJS Easter Jeep Safari Concepts!
« on: March 24, 2021, 12:42:35 PM »

Every year in recent memory Jeep has attended the annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari with an assortment of awesome concept creations that not only push the leading edge of Jeep's technological advancements, but that equally serve its long-storied history. From its military origins with "Sarge" and "Nukaiser" that paid homage to early Willys and Kaiser M-715s, to its connection with farm and agriculture with the "Mighty FC" that was a bonzo take on a Forward Control FC-150 or FC-170, to fun-loving outdoor and off-road enthusiasts form the "Stitch," "Lower Fourty," "Wagon Road Trip" and dozens of other kitchy yet cool concepts. Jeep never disappoints, so this year we're excited to share the Jeep Concepts lineup that'll be displayed at Moab's Easter Jeep Safari. Check back, as we'll be sharing more in-depth impressions and even reports from the driver's seat after we get our greasy paws on them and put them through their paces in the gorgeous red rock back country of Moab, Utah.
Jeep Magneto: Electric JL Wrangler

Back in the early days of professional rockcrawling competitions, we remember a few electric competition vehicles that were built. When you think about it, an EV off-road vehicle has a ton of advantages over a conventional internal combustion since the electric motor has 100 percent of its power available right off idle and will never stall. It can run at any angle (even upside down) and is only limited by the battery life, which today can be rather substantial. But while those old rockcrawling buggies utilized electric motors connected solely to driveshafts running straight to the axles, the Jeep Magneto concept ups the fun by utilizing a conventional Wrangler six-speed manual transmission and T-case hooked to a li-po battery-powered 273-lb-ft electric motor that can spin to 6,000 rpm. With a 0-60 time reported at 6.8 seconds, near-silent operation, and no need to clutch in when coming to a stop on the road or trail, it's going to be a wild time driving it, so be sure to check back for more as we report further on this crazy zero-emission electric Jeep Wrangler concept.
Work and Play 3.0L EcoDiesel Jeep JT Gladiator Rubicon: Jeep Red Bare

Jeep has a longstanding history of mixing work and play, and the Jeep Red Bare JT Gladiator concept seems to blend the two nicely. Although its flannel-lined instrument panel and Katzkin black leather seating isn't exactly bare-bones, the Gladiator has a definite utilitarian feel that should work just fine on the jobsite during the week, but when the weekend comes, can put the JPP 2-inch suspension and 37-inch tires to good use out on the trail.
6.4L Hemi-Powered JL Wrangler Rubicon: Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392

In addition to a diesel-powered Wrangler, which we've already received, a factory V-8 Hemi-powered Wrangler is the Jeep we've all been asking for for years and years. And when Jeep finally announced it's making a factory V-8 Wrangler, it didn't just stop at the pedestrian 5.7L Hemi, but instead selected the potent 6.4L, 392-cube monster that puts out an effortless 485 hp and 475 lb-ft. That'll more than motivate the 37-inch tires that are cleared way thanks to a 2-inch JPP suspension. We'll be bringing you lots more on this particular Jeep including driving impressions both on- and off-road, so stay tuned!
2.0L Turbocharged Jeepster Beach

The Moab Easter Jeep Safari Jeep Concepts have a longstanding tradition of taking vintage Jeep sheetmetal and artistically modernizing it to work atop current Jeep drivetrains, often deceptively reworking positions of wheel openings, stretching or chopping body lines, and raking windshield frames. The end result is a refreshing of the classic body shape that you know is somehow different than anything you've seen before, but it's so subtle you can't quite initially put your finger on what's different. The Jeepster Beach concept started life as a 1968 C-101 Jeepster before getting severely updated with reworked fenders and flares, modified rockers and sills, tasteful Hurst Jeepster-style wheels with a 5x5 bolt pattern to fit modern Jeep JL axles. Under the vintage sheetmetal appears to be a JL Wrangler frame including the linked front-and-rear suspension with a 2-inch JPP suspension, a 2.0L turbocharged engine pumped up to 340 hp and 369 lb-ft, and an eight-speed auto with a Rubicon 4:1 T-case all turning 35-inch tires. What a home run!
3.0L EcoDiesel JT Gladiator Overlander: Jeep Farout

If there's one facet of the off-road hobby that is seaming full-speed ahead in popularity, it's off-grid overlanding. And with an mpg-friendly 3.0L EcoDiesel powering it that promises 425 miles of range, the 2021 Jeep Gladiator "Farout" concept looks quite capable at getting you deep off the grid and enjoying the great outdoors in comfort. An AT Overland Equipment Habitat Truck Topper is the party piece to this build that serves (quite literally) as home base, but it also features a nice interior with plaid seat inserts, a capable 2-inch JPP suspension, and a 12,000-pound Warn winch to get you out of anything the 37-inch tires cant.
Open-Air 2-door JL Wrangler: Jeep Orange Peel

Peel the upper windows and surrounds from the door lowers and enjoy the breezy outdoors even from behind the wheel of your Jeep Wrangler. We're thinking that's the impetus behind the nomenclature for this fun-looking orange-hued Wrangler JL concept based on a two-door model. Like most of the vehicles Jeep is bringing to Moab Easter Jeep Safari, this one is equipped with a 2-inch JPP suspension that easily clears 37-inch tires. More JPP product is steel bumpers with a prototype 2-inch steel guard and a JPP 8,000-pound Rubicon Warn winch that hints to production Rubicons possibly being equipped with the same unit.
Jeep Gladiator JT K9 and Adventure Build: Jeep Top Dog

Apparently there's such a paint code as "K9 Blue." We didn't know that before, but one thing we did know is that police and other agencies often need to get to remote spots with their K9 partners and from the looks of things, the Jeep Top Dog could deliver or pick up four-legged passengers just about anywhere they might need to be. However, packed inside the custom PCOR flatbed storage system isn't housing for furry friends, but rather tools, equipment, a fridge, and even a hot dog roller to support mountain bikers in as they take their hobby to the most remote of areas. Powered by a gasoline 3.6L Pentastar V-6, the Jeep Top Dog concept makes use of a 2-inch steel grille guard, JPP snorkel, lighting, and a JPP 8,000-pound Warn winch, among other off-road components. There are beadlocks and 37s down low on the Gladiator and 29s on the Trek mountain bikes atop the roof-mounted bike racks.
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