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This is the official gas mileage thread.  So, post your mileage.  Here are some stipulations though.  Please post in the thread this additional information.

* Transmision Type (ie., Automatic - 30RH/TF909, AW4 etc..., Manual - AX-4, AX-5, AX-15, NV1500, NV3550, etc...)
* Engine Type (ie., F134, L134, Pontiac 151, AMC 150 Carburetor, AMC 2.5L TBI, AMC 2.5L MPFI, Chrysler 2.4L, etc...)
* Tire Size
* Differential Gearing (ie., 3.73:1, 4.10, etc...)
* Speedometer Calibration (ie., Y/N)
* List of ENGINE Mods if any

I average 13.76 mpg, this is taking ineffect of the tire change. I have an excel spreedsheet keeping track for the past year.

I drive mostly short distances within 5 miles, so thats why mpg is low mostly because of my gears, I need to change them.

3 speed auto
1995 2.5L
Speedometer Not Calibrated
4.0 t/b, t/b spacer, and K&N cone filter

Before on 30 inch tires and 4.0 t/b and spacer, I was getting an average of 17.1 mpg and also I think that I was driving mostly highway at that time

Getting about 12-13 on my TJ. Got a 2.5L with the 3 speed auto,  4.88 gears, 33" tires, performance chip, header, 4.0 throtle body w/ spacer, K&N cold air intake, speedo calibrated

18 mpg; 2.5L, at, 31x10.5, 3.73 gear, no speedo recal, 4.0L tb, tbs, hi-flow intake, jet chip, flowmaster exhaust, elect. rad. fan  :nod:

usually about 17 mpg....manual 2.5L running 31' revised speedo but checked with GPS...4.10 engine mods.


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